GradCamp Chicago
A Conference For Black & LatinX Grad Students to Solve Common
Problems with Collective Solutions 

This year, we are focusing on "The Graduate School Journey after acceptance" and supporting graduate students in STEM, School of Ed, & Higher Ed.

October 1, 2021

The Conference

One Day
To Connect & Grow
October 1, 2021
9:00 am-1:00pm CST

Gradcamp Chicago was created to expand existing university communities and organizations that serve Black and LatinX graduate students. NAVCAP is the host organizer and convener to bring many graduate students and graduate schools together in one virtual space.  Although this conference is DESIGNED as an affinity space to meet the needs fo Black and LatinX students, the broader BIPOC graduate community is welcome to attend.  

Core Tenets of the GradCamp Model

  • Peer-led professional learning communities

    • Gradstudents share collective knowledge from their experiences just as much as expertise.

  • Participant driven

    • Participants determine session topics when registering through an online session board inventory. 1)Participants post sessions that are most interesting to them or help them address their most pressing problems. 2) Sessions are determined and session board is posted ONLINE. 3) Participants decide which sessions they would like to LEAD as well as which sessions they would like to ATTEND 4)Session board is finalized and conference schedule is posted ONLINE. 5)Attendees connect and grow together.

  • Click & Skip

    • Participants can Click & Skip to freely move between sessions if one session is not meeting their needs.


    • No goods or services are sold at the GradCamp.  If participants have upcoming events, programing, or products they'd like to share, there will be an online collaboration board after the event.   

  • Ongoing Learning

    •  All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing for all registered participants who want to revisit what they learned or connect with peers in the future. All session recordings will be available in our NAVCAP community at NO additional cost.

  • Affordable and accessible

    • The Gradcamp Conference is priced to cover minimal operational costs and to be affordable for Gradstudents so that it accessible for the majority. 

  • DEI by Design

    • Gradcamp is designed specifically to meet the needs of Black and LatinX graduate students, but it is inclusive of all. The broader BIPOC community and other grad students are welcome to attend.


How does it work?

GradCamp is a non-traditional conference For GradStudents by GradStudents in STEM, School of Education, & Higher Education

 How it's different than other conferences. Grad students are involved in all aspects of the conference.

WE Survey
WE Build
YOU Choose
Weeks Total


Weeks to R.S.V.P &  Share Interests.


Week to Finalize Session Board


Week to Buy Tickets


How GradCamp Can Benefit You.

Graduate student organizations are often university-specific, and in PWIs especially, there are limited opportunities for Black and LatinX graduate students to connect, collaborate, and learn from their peers at large. GradCamp Chicago is designed to cultivate stronger connections outside of the university. All sessions will be recorded an available for all participants.



R.S.V.P's OPEN with Interest Inventory 


Sessions are Determined from R.S.V.Ps & Interest Inventory


Session Board is posted. TICKETS available.


Session Presenters are Finalized.

R.S.V.P & Interest Inventory LINK is posted ONLINE.

Participants determine what sessions are most important to them.

R.S.V.P and Interest inventory link CLOSES. Responses are analyzed.

Session Board is POSTED

Session leads and secondary session leads confirm interest. 




8:50am-9:00am CST
Opening Session 

9:00am-9:50am CST
Session (1)

10:00am-10:50am CST
Session (2)

11:00am-11:50pm CST

Session (3)

12:00pm-12:50pm CST

Session (4) 


Connecting in person

We are currently looking for sponsors to make an in-person get together possible in the Chicagoland area on the evening of October 2nd. If your GradStudent organization would like to Sponsor or co-sponsor a meeting space, please reach out to Elissa Frazier at
Online Class

R.S.V.P & Inventory 

RSVP and fill out our interest inventory. Sessions are COMPLETELY participant driven and determined by grad students. We WANT to hear from you. The FINAL schedule and will be posted on 9/20/21.